Friday, December 5, 2008


John Anderson and I with our NSW Minister for Education and Training Quality Teaching Award citations. There were four awarded for excellence in teaching in New South Wales universities.

The awards are given after a lengthy process that involves the submission of a portfolio, three referees reports and an assessors' visit that includes sitting in on classes and talking to students, peers and supervisors.

My citation says, in part: "Marjorie combines a genuine concern for students with exciting, innovative and creative approaches to online learning."


George Siemens said...

Hi Marj - congrats! I'm sure the award comes with a large cash bonus...right? :)

Marj K said...

Thanks George, and yes the cheque will facilitate a couple of projects :-)

Asako Yoshida said...

Hi Marjorie,

Congratulations! I remember that I noted NSW for a series of interesting and progressive policy discussions regarding teaching at the University just from the Web.

Cheers, Asako